Coconut Love Oil

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Coconut Love Oil
Coconut Love Oil

The only virgin in the room, our love oil is made from organic coconuts and natural ingredients for more play, anytime.

Key Ingredients 

 Organic coconut oil: Free from harmful chemicals and synthetic preservatives, it's the most natural, fun ride you'll ever have.

 Vanilla: Long used as a natural aphrodisiac, studies show vanilla promotes feelings of joy and pleasure. Coincidentally, so do orgasms.

 Beeswax: Rich in Vitamin A, beeswax is perfect for softening and hydrating your skin and lips. Both kinds.

 Stevia: Antibacterial and naturally derived, Stevia puts the sweet in ‘sweet cheeks’, so you can too.


• A smooth, silky texture to help you play for longer

• Natural, edible, and organic ingredients.

• Free from parabens, petroleum, silicon, and glycerine

• Non-sticky, long-lasting, and moisturizing

Coconut Love Oil
Coconut Love Oil

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