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Compact, fresh towelettes that are rich in natural ingredients so you can clean up your act, literally. Comes with 10 all natural, after play wipes. 

Key Ingredients 

• Aloe Vera Extract: Penetrating deep (into your skin), you’ll feel rejuvenated, hydrated, and supple all over.

• Cranberry: Forget diamonds, cranberries are a girl’s best friend: protecting you from UTIs and toxins, whilst supporting radiant, elastic skin.

• Vanilla Water: Revered for its ability to reduce stress, elevate moods, and soothe skin, you can think of Vanilla as the calm before the storm. Or after.

• Coconut Water: Full of healthy vitamins and minerals, studies show Coconut Water is ideal for before and after sexercise. No, that’s not a typo.


• Natural and organic ingredients.

• Free from parabens, petroleum, silicon, and glycerine.

• Compact and easy to use, wherever you decide pull it out. Or put out.

• A pleasing, light, refreshing aroma. 


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