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Your Experience: In the Raw

We love being a part of your skincare journey.
It’s an honour to hear your stories about how Raw Canvas has been part of your path to a more radiant life.

Curious about the Raw Canvas experience? Explore testimonials from real patients below!


I've been going to Amanda for years and she is hands down the most knowledgeable technician I've ever worked with. Since starting the skin care regimen she prescribed, I have seen an insane change in my skin. I get asked constantly what I'm doing, and I think my skin is better. now than it was in my 20s.

Erin Fraser


I’ve tried everything you can think of under the sun to get rid of acne and acne scarring I came across raw canvas on instagram and immediately booked a consult- desperate to make my skin better and bring back my confidence! Since trusting Amanda with my skin I have had very minimal breakouts and have felt confident enough to leave the house without foundation at all. I have had so many compliments on my skin since going to her.


I had lost hope in ever fixing my acne. After putting what seemed like never-ending time and money towards treatments with no results, I had accepted that this just was my skin now. After my first consult with Amanda I felt hopeful again for the first time, and within only a few weeks of my first treatment started to see my acne finally healing, and my skin better than art had been in years!

Rebecca Toles

I went to Raw Canvas after having my baby and struggling with Melasma. I was also on maternity leave and had to be mindful of a budget. Amanda was so respectful of my budget and helped me choose treatments and products that would make the biggest difference. After 1 photo facial and beginning IS clinical products I am feeling so happy with my skin and see light at the end of he tunnel with the pigmentation on my face. Other places I have been have always wanted me to purchase multiple treatments up front but Amanda encouraged me to take it 1 treatment at a time until I achieved the results I was looking for. Money very well spent!


I came to see Amanda after being referred to her by a friend. My skin has been worse as an adult than it ever was as a teenager. She has been able to give it life again. She has worked wonders for it. She takes the time to listen to your concerns and recommends a treatment plan. And she is an pverall amazing person!!


Amanda has helped me so much, I can't even put it into words. After a failed course of Accutane, my adult acne was taking over my face. I decided to reach out to her, and book a consult. Within the first session and my new products I had already started to notice a difference. She has provided me with endless amounts of knowledge, and the tools to combat my acne first hand. I will always trust Amanda with any skin issue, and she is the first person I turn to.

Kelly Mulhern

My skin looks amazing after Amanda recommended what products to use....along with laser genesis! So happy I found her and Raw Camvas!!!

Andrea Rusack